Because Our Insides Match Our Outsides


It’s that time of year again when the world attempts to clean the slate in one area of life and one area mainly: Health. Most people will soon be inundated with new messages about the best way to undo the effects of the pandemic, to finally retrieve all that we have lost, and to just simply feel better.


And I get that, I really do. In fact, the last two weeks have been a profoundly fulfilling and informative chunk of time for me during a break from busy-ness. I feel an urge to grab a hold of the “me of me” and make good on promises made to myself and to my girls. I have already planned a long chat with them in which I will discuss some health and wellness changes to my daily life, with the hopes that they will follow my lead. Going to bed earlier, reading more, getting out in nature, green smoothies (always with the green smoothies), etc etc etc etc etc. 


This is all good and this is all warranted, yes. But, as I have been taught to do in therapy, I think it is important to “investigate the fantasy underneath” this. So, what is my fantasy, really? That I feel rested? Hmmm, maybe. That I feel more healthy? Sure, yeah. That I am a better steward of my attention span? Probably. BUT. What is the real motivation, the real hope?


Let’s go there. 


Underneath all of those good things, the truth is that my fantasy is that by doing the above things, I will become invincible to the unpredictable, out of control-ness of human existence. It’s hard to admit this, but it’s true. And it doesn’t take away the need for change in some areas of my life, but it right sizes these goals and then sets them free to just be small adjustments rather than magical buttons with magical powers. 


This is why here at MommaStrong, we don’t start out January with a huge resolution push. We don’t jump on the train of helping you conquer your limitations and become the best version of you. Because we care, truly madly deeply, about the long haul wellness of you. We care that you find a way to show up for yourself each day, regardless of chaos and circumstances, and return over and over to your center. And we know, from evidence-based data and from our experience in this field, that lofty shiny goals made on January 1 rarely do this.


So, what will you see from us instead? You will see us give you some deserved proof of why we care about you and how we care about you. This will come in the form of an entire month dedicated to all of our resources, outside of workouts and other more obvious things. We want to make sure that you aren’t just trusting us because the surface level looks great, but because our insides match our outsides. 


Whew. Let’s dust off the pressure to be bold and ambitious this January and instead be curious and self-preserving. And let’s do it together. Our January Challenge: MommaStrong Resources starts Monday, Jan 3rd (ahem, soon). Come slowly re-enter your workout practice with us or join us for the first time, doing small chunks of functional movement as often as you can during the challenge, while also learning how we support you in every step of the way with a ton of bonus resources and built-in support.


You can join us as a current member by logging in to your membership, then clicking on Challenges in the teal navigation bar. And if you are not yet a member, simply sign up for your free trial and then follow those instructions above. 


PS: It’s ok to pause before you launch into change.