Sleep Guidelines for Busy Parents

  I’m not a sleep expert, I’ll start by saying that. However, I am a self-proclaimed sleep deprivation expert, so I promise to walk us through with appropriate skepticism and vetting of sources. I, like you, want to learn more about how to get better sleep as a busy parent, BUT through advice that actually […]

How to “Fix” Diastasis Recti

  If you’ve been diagnosed with diastasis recti, or you think you have it, you most likely want to know how to fix it as quickly as possible. That is certainly how it was for me after discovering that my years of back pain and my deep abdominal issues were because of this condition. I […]

Why Won’t My Toddler Sleep (and how will I survive?)

  I’m stealthily typing this article in my notes app on my phone while my 3 year old sleeps next to me, her face squished exactly in my armpit.   This sweet kid was an excellent sleeper from the age of 10 months until basically her third birthday. And then the combination of threenager brain […]