Why Me? Embarrassing stories and more

I don’t have much to say this month except that there’s only so much to say because my brain is mush. At least the internet understands the torture that is the month of May now. I’ve seen about a gazillion memes and videos on “Maycember” and the like. So now we all know and instead […]

Baggage Claim

I don’t know if you’ve ever done the extremely dumb thing that I did recently: Read my journals from when I was 16, 17, and 18. I was assuming I’d find old thoughts and ideas that had evolved in my adult life into fully formed thoughts and ideas, or at the least that I’d not […]

Are We There Yet?

I was driving my younger kiddos to school the other day, the normal grind in the morning 2 hour commute, when a giant silver SUV started following me rather aggressively. I figured it was another tired mom like me, dealing with who knows what behind her and all around her. But, being in a school […]

Coming to Terms with Overstimulation

For my whole life, I have dealt with being overstimulated by seemingly normal human experiences. I’ll never forget my childhood best friend taking me aside one day – we must have been 11 or 12 – to tell me that I was “sensitive”. It landed me in this spot we all know, so familiar in […]

Clearing the Cache

Now that we’ve all made it through January, we can do what we do ever year and say to ourselves, harumph, nothing is going according to plan. As if the change of a single digit on our calendars ushers in some magical wand of control and newness.    And as much as I am all […]

Right Sizing: Making a Nest in 2023

I did a brave thing recently. I got a massage. I know for most people this is not a brave thing, but it is for me. It’s been over ten years, a fact that is directly tied to the tentacles of trauma. Anyone who has experienced sexual assault knows that it’s no small feat to […]

The Fantasy of Preparation & Control

I will begin by saying that I really feel that I was missing the following classes in high school:   Interpersonal Skills: How to avoid assholes and also how to not be an asshole Non-delusional Budgeting: How numbers are numbers Self-regulation: How to not freak out The Dishes: A tale as old as time Wait […]

Aging Out

I’m writing this post at 8:47am from my dining room table, surrounded by post-its, each with to-dos and ideas and MUST DO NOWs scrawled on them. I had planned to get up early this morning before school drop-offs and get a start on the day, but – alas – I am tired. Late night decisions […]

Scary Body Stuff

This blog is late because I have been putting it off. This is not surprising since the topic of this post is about an area of life in which I have been engaged via the fine art of utter denial and complete avoidance.    This dance feels rather useful when I’m in it, that is […]

Lessons in Stretching (also the matrix)

As a young ballet dancer, I remember being extremely envious watching other girls bend and extend, their bones like gooey instruments. My body felt pretty A to B, B to C. I found a way to make it all look fluid but it never felt fluid. And, some of the ways I did that weren’t […]