Invisible Mess

I’ve recently started inexplicably fantasizing about big plans for my backyard. Note: I’m not a gardener. The only plant I have successfully kept alive for longer than a few months is a jalapeño plant, which in Texas is basically The Easiest Thing Ever. I mean, you have to actively work to get them NOT to […]

I Believe You

From age 7 to 13, I lived with a daily dose of duty to rituals that I believed would secure my safety in this weird world.  For instance, I had to count to 8 every time I turned a faucet on and off and if I messed up just a little bit, then I’d have […]

Golden Thread

I want to go back to the beginning of time and restitch the past.  Bolster it with reverence for nature and patience for each other.  Remind it that nothing else will matter but health and peace.  Tell it to stay close to the basics of Truth, against all odds.   Take its leash off and tell it to run wild […]