Osteoporosis Part 1: What is it, and who is at risk?

We have all heard of osteoporosis, probably especially as it relates to older people with vulvas.  But what is it exactly, and how gets this disease?  We dig down into the details to help you understand what osteoporosis is, and who is more likely to have it.  Then check out our next article for more […]

C-section Scars: What Problems Can They Cause?

  If you have had a Cesarean section (C-section), then you have a scar. However, most of us aren’t told what to do about those scars, nor are we told what kind of problems C-section scars can cause. Instead, they are basically ignored, and then people are surprised if they end up having trouble related […]

Postpartum Incontinence: Common Doesn’t Equal Normal!

  Most people assume that leaking urine after having a baby, aka postpartum incontinence, is just the price a person pays for becoming a birthing parent. But while it is COMMON, it doesn’t have to be NORMAL! There is so much that you can do to help yourself if you are struggling with incontinence, and […]

What is Diastasis Recti?

It goes by so many names it can be confusing: diastasis rectus abdominis, diastasis recti, di-recti, diastasis, or some people will even just call it an “ab separation.”  Plus you can shorten the name to DRA or DR too!  So what exactly is diastasis recti?  Let’s talk about allll of it, and along the way […]

How can you avoid neck and back pain while sitting at your desk?

  Especially with the increasing number of people who are privileged-enough to be working from home, there are a lot of questions about how you should sit at your desk. Low back pain and neck pain that come from too much computer use are all too common, but have easy fixes! Read on for the […]

Smart Shorts: An Easy Fix for Incontinence?

  The ads are out there, and they are tempting. Can wearing a “smart shorts” Innovo device really fix my incontinence in just 12 weeks? Or some other products like Elitone include external devices that you put in your underwear—they promise results in 6 weeks. And the best part is that these devices tell you […]

What are the Best Sleeping Positions for Your Neck & Back?

  It comes on slowly over time—as you age you may wake up one day with a sore neck, or a stiff lower back. And you have to wonder, is my sleeping position contributing to this pain? What are the best sleeping positions for neck and back pain?   Is there really one sleeping position […]