Motherhood is an action sport.

Welcome healthcare professionals, bodyworkers, & clinicians

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Welcome healthcare professionals, bodyworkers, & clinicians!

We are so glad you are a part of the MommaStrong community and now want to refer your clients.

We are excited to become Care Partners with you.

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Here’s how our program can help your clients:

MommaStrong is a value-add to your practice, a way for patients to do (and maybe even enjoy) their exercises at home—consistently.
MommaStrong can help members have more agency over their pain and their body’s function. They will learn about their own anatomy and where to focus their efforts, eventually promoting more self-efficacy.
MommaStrong can help members create a wellness habit. We truly value function over appearance, and want every mom to create the strength & resilience it takes to be a caretaker of tiny humans. Many times that means just showing up even if for just 5 minutes.

MommaStrong provides access to Stephanie Dillon, PT, DPT, WCS. While Stephanie is not providing physical therapy to members, she helps provide input for MommaStrong content, and also supports members who have questions both in our community and directly—via email.

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