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Develop a system of strength to repair deep abdominal dysfunction including diastasis recti, hernia, or general abdominal weakness.

Our true core is not simply in our midsections and no amount of abdominal work will address the issue. Healing this part of our structure requires a system of strength, which includes our three anchor points: glutes, mid back, and deep abs. When these three anchor points are integrated, the result is the development of an inner life vest that helps you get back to all the things you love to do, without pain or injury.

Core Camp is for MommaStrong members who deal with deep ab dysfunction of some kind, whether that is diastasis recti, hernia, or general abdominal weakness. Very few of us have ever gotten real results and experienced real healing, despite all the ab conditioning we have tried. The reason is simple: Our true core is not simply in our midsections and no amount of abdominal work will address the issue. MommaStrong has created an intensive 30 day program that we call an incubator. Incubators give us the space and time to focus on functional fitness and build a functional foundation so that when you complete Core Camp, you can move on to other MommaStrong programs and use this functional foundation to continue to build strength over time.

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You will need a few things. Most of them can be found around the house. You will need a rolled up mat or towel, a resistance band (check out our booty band), a shoelace, a chair or stool, a tennis or lacrosse ball, a gallon of water, and a bolster or foam roller.

You will be building a system of strength by developing your three anchor points: glutes, mid back, and deep abs. The first set of workouts will focus on waking up the glutes and the mid back. The next set of workouts add in deep abdominal conditioning and the final set of workouts combine everything together for more dynamic movement. This means you’ll be doing functional squats, low belly work on your back, modified “v planks”, mid back extensions, lifting exercises with weighted objects, myofascial muscle release, and stretching. All exercises are safe for the conditions we are targeting.

By the end of the Core Camp Incubator, you can expect to experience a significant strengthening of your true core. You will feel this system of strength not only when exercising, but in everyday activities. This is because the length of the incubator allows for adequate time to develop these muscles.


Additionally, while we firmly state that conditions like diastasis recti and hernias cannot be magically “cured”, you will discover that they become less of a liability to your overall function. This means that you could heal to a “functional” diastasis recti, which means that the muscles in your deep abs are working properly again and any remaining separation is no longer a concern for your physical wellbeing. Or you could become integrated enough that your physician says that your hernia does not need surgical intervention as of yet and can be monitored regularly (important note: hernias cannot be “fixed” by exercise). Most people begin to feel a significant positive shift in the first 5-10 workouts.


Finally, most people who deal with deep ab dysfunction will have some curiosities about what to expect with the appearance of their midsection. The reality is that some people may experience a visible change to their middles by the end of the 30 days, but others may not. All bodies are different and all bodies are good bodies. So, it is important to use measures like the feeling of anchor point integration, an increase in strength, decrease in pain reduction, and more stamina and resiliency.

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