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How can you avoid neck and back pain while sitting at your desk?

  Especially with the increasing number of people who are privileged-enough to be working from home, there are a lot of questions about how you should sit at your desk. Low back pain and neck …

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The Fear of “Getting Bulky” with Resistance Training

  One of the biggest misconceptions I encounter about resistance training, particularly from moms, is a fear that it will make us get “bulky,” (i.e. that it will rapidly make our muscles huge, and we …

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Smart Shorts: An Easy Fix for Incontinence?

  The ads are out there, and they are tempting. Can wearing a “smart shorts” Innovo device really fix my incontinence in just 12 weeks? Or some other products like Elitone include external devices that …

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What are the Best Sleeping Positions for Your Neck & Back?

  It comes on slowly over time—as you age you may wake up one day with a sore neck, or a stiff lower back. And you have to wonder, is my sleeping position contributing to …

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False Promises: Breastfeeding & Weight Loss

  All new moms grapple with hard postpartum realities like sleep deprivation, hormonal shifts, identity crises, body image, and learning how to be patient with themselves as they heal.   This is made even more …

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