Befriend Your Body, One Bite at a Time

How did you become a grown up (raising other small humans) who doesn’t know how to fuel yourself AND who forgot how to befriend your perfectly, imperfect body? FUEL is here to give you a new playbook, one that says—please, be free. Be true to you above all else. Please, be your own very best friend. This is oddly rebellious, isn’t it? It is. Welcome to FUEL. 

All MommaStrong members have access to:

A FREE FUEL group in the MommaStrong community, supported by our Registered Dietitians and Mental Health team

A FREE FUEL Intro course available in the MommaStrong community

 The FUEL: Befriending Your Body course, also available in the MommaStrong community

Buy the FUEL: Befriend Your Body course today and get a 50% discount, just for MommaStrong members.

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More About FUEL

The MommaStrong FUEL program was developed specifically for MommaStrong members. It is a foundation that helps you make choices about your health that are sustainable and also contribute to a positive relationship with food, on your terms. We are not here to define what health looks like for you, or to put fences around how to get there. Maybe you will be plant-based or a total carnivore, maybe you will start drinking green juice or going back to loving coffee after years of quitting, maybe you will want to gain weight or lose weight, maybe you will want to reduce inflammation or improve your gut, etc. You will decide all that, later, on your terms and based on your individual needs/wants. We actually do not care about those decisions. It is simply our belief that these decisions have to come from befriending your body FIRST. So, instead of diving into a program of control and restriction, FUEL is our opportunity to be rebelliously healthy for the long haul. There are several different parts to FUEL including the FREE community, the FREE FUEL Intro course and access to purchase the FUEL: Befriending Your Body course.

FUEL was developed specifically for MommaStrong members. MommaStrong knows there are tons of programs, apps and diets that promise BIG, UNREALISTIC results. They promise you have total control over your health, that you can “bounce back” after baby and fight those ever-changing hormones from child birth to menopause with sheer willpower. And if these diets fail, you end up blaming yourself. You didn’t try hard enough or you lack the will power. MommaStrong FUEL is here to help you understand what is really happening with our bodies and what your part is in it. We are here to help you understand, appreciate and fuel your unique and amazing body. We are not a weight loss program or a meal plan. But, instead focus on befriending your body and connecting with what your body really needs.

We know you don’t have a lot of extra time on your hands, so we make it quick and easy to build this foundation. In just 15 minutes a day, a few times a week for 8 weeks, you will develop a framework for taking care of your body, on your terms. As always MommaStrong recognizes that you know yourself best. If you choose to go faster or slower that is always A-OK.

The FUEL approach was created with the same values as MommaStrong with the added expertise of our Registered Dietitians and our Mental Health team to bring you the most up to date research and real life experiences and observations. You can trust that the information we bring you will help you build a foundation of knowledge that will serve you for the rest of your life. No matter what you decide to tackle next, you are in charge. We want you to learn and explore and figure out what is right for you. You are the only one who can truly know. But first make sure you are loaded with the information you need to make those choices.

You have options. You can go through the FREE FUEL Intro course and then start practicing and learning in the FUEL community or you can take a deep dive and purchase the FUEL: Befriending Your Body course. In the courses, you will watch short videos that are supported by activities, resources and some reflection and journaling. As you progress, you can use the FUEL Anchor Points and the daily practice of 5 for FUEL to begin practicing what you are learning. 5 for FUEL and the FUEL Anchor Points will provide a practical way of practicing through this web of learning and unlearning. If you ever feel overwhelmed or lost, just come back to the FUEL Anchor Points and recommit to your focus. And, don’t forget to use the FUEL community for support or questions when you need it. Our registered dietitians and mental health team will be in the community available to answer any questions you may have. For more details, you can explore the FUEL: FREE Intro course in the MommaStrong FUEL Community. This will give you a full preview of the FUEL: Befriending Your Body course outline. We also recognize that not all MommaStrong members want to take part in FUEL content. All FUEL content is optional and requires you to join the group or course.

The MommaStrong FUEL course is in the MommaStrong Community. Once you have joined the MommaStrong community, you will find COURSES in the left hand navigation. There will be two courses available to MommaStrong members:

1) FUEL: FREE Intro


2) FUEL: Befriend Your Body

You can take a look at the FREE Into course anytime or if you are ready to jump in, BUY the full course today and get started befriending your body.

If you have dietary restrictions such as food allergies or health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or irritable bowel syndrome, the FUEL course and community is still for you! While this course does not cover specific nutrition strategies for these conditions. The core values of FUEL can be applied to your specific needs.

This program does not dictate exactly what you should eat, but instead helps you gain the basic information needed to befriend your body and find ways to support and fuel your unique body.

Our focus is not on weight loss. Instead we want to provide education about how to nourish your body through the different stages of motherhood. It will help you learn how to listen to your body and honor its signals and needs. This may result in weight loss over time, but is not our objective. Just as in our MommaStrong fitness program, we value function over appearance.

Yes, FUEL was developed for MommaStrong members. It is a companion tool with the MommaStrong fitness program. The FUEL community and the FREE intro course are available to any MommaStrong member. And, access to purchase the FUEL: Befriending Your Body course is only offered to MommaStrong members.

The main differences are:

  • A larger focus on befriending your body
  • The community and the FUEL intro course are FREE to all MommaStrong members
  • A more straightforward path through the content with our new courses 
  • A daily practice of 5 for FUEL that is supported by the FUEL Anchor Points
  • Additional topics such as body kindness, mental health triggers and tools, the impacts of family and culture and much more
  • Access to purchase the FUEL: Befriend Your Body course is limited to MommaStrong members

Don't start another diet

Don't commit to a new wellness lifestyle

Don't give up in frustration

 Instead, learn how to befriend your body and be rebelliously healthy for the long haul.

Buy the FUEL: Befriend Your Body course today and get a 50% discount, just for MommaStrong members.

This special offer of a one time fee of $125 $250 only lasts through September 2021. Do this before you do anything else.

So, don’t start another diet, don’t commit to a new wellness lifestyle and don’t give up in frustration. Instead, learn how to befriend your body and be rebelliously healthy for the long haul.


Anchor Point #1: Know Yourself; Anchor Point #2: Sustain Yourself; Anchor Point #3: Show Up Everyday; Anchor Point #4: Refuse Restriction; Anchor Point #5: Challenge Expectations


This section will introduce you to Body Kindness and tools like 5 for FUEL as well as triggers–why we experience them in FUEL and how you might deal with them.


Find out more about the FUEL Checkpoints and how to use them including coping skills, getting help and a mini-RAIN meditation.


In the Unlearning section you will find that there are so many things that we have learned from our past experiences, our family and friends, our culture, and media. It is time to dig into these notions and figure out what science tells us about weight and health and the optimal way to FUEL your body.


In the Relearning section you will be reminded/learn the basics of feeding ourselves, food and feelings and consider what fuels you besides food. It sounds so simple. Eat when you get hungry, but there are so many things at play when you are deciding how and when to fuel yourself and with what. Relearning is where we refresh our browser and rewrite the script, together. 


Being a Momma-To-Be or a New Momma brings a lot of changes to your body and its needs. Get special, up-to-date content from our Registered Dietitians about your changing nutritional needs from  prenatal vitamins to postpartum mental health considerations.

Meet the FUEL Team!

Kathleen Johnson, MA, RD, LDN

Kathleen Johnson is a Registered Dietitian and the owner of Halve Your Cake. She educates and empowers clients using principles of mindful and intuitive eating. Together, they create realistic goals and individualized plans to achieve them. She received her Master’s Degree in Nutrition Education from Immaculata University. Since then she has worked in multiple settings, including some time at Trader Joe’s and Johns Hopkins Integrative Medicine and Digestive Center. Find out more about Halve Your Cake at

Nicole Myers, RDN, CDCES

Nicole Myers is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist with more than 10 years experience in the field. Nicole currently works in the greater Boston area as a nutrition counselor working one-on-one with clients, with a focus on diabetes, digestive health, pregnancy and chronic disease. Nicole’s nutrition philosophy is rooted in the Intuitive Eating approach. Intuitive Eating teaches us to reconnect with our internal body cues, to build trust in understanding your own needs and find our own path to a more peaceful and restorative relationship with food and body. Nicole enjoys helping empower people to feel more in control of their health, as well as helping others deepen their connection to food.

Hannah Sheehan Da Silva, RD/Dtp, MSc, CNSC

Hannah Sheehan Da Silva is a Registered Dietitian in Canada and the USA. Hannah has worked with clients of all ages and with a variety of health conditions and conducted clinical research on the role of the gut microbiota in chronic disease. Hannah’s main objective as a dietitian is to help people to fuel their bodies during times of challenge. These challenges could include cancer, trauma, or chronic disease, or wonderful but challenging times in our lives such as the arrival of a new baby or the hectic schedule of a busy family. Hannah aims to make nourishing yourself simple, enjoyable, and effective.

Jya Plavin, MPH, CPT, CPPC

Jya Plavin joined MommaStrong in March 2020 as Director of Impact & Community, and is MommaStrong’s Lead Certified Trainer. Jya holds a Master’s degree in Public Health, and is a Certified Personal Trainer and Pre- and Postnatal coach. She brings over a decade of experience working as a public health practitioner and educator, focused on understanding behavior change within the complexity of our real lives, communities, and the broader health environment. After a difficult transition to motherhood led her to the transformative magic of MommaStrong, Jya became passionate about maternal health justice and supporting people who give birth through accessible, evidence-based fitness and wellness guidance. She is thrilled to be part of the team.

Monique Cortes, LCSW-S

Monique Cortes, LCSW-S is a therapist and clinical social worker in Houston, TX. Her practice is focused in community mental health, where she can be a voice for her community’s most marginalized individuals, specifically, those with severe and persistent mental illness. She is passionate about promoting mental wellness and reducing the stigma of seeking support for mental health issues. She is an advocate for social and racial justice issues. She is the mother of a sassy 4 year old daughter and will be welcoming another into the world any day now!

Courtney Wyckoff, CPT, CES

Courtney Wyckoff is the Founder of MommaStrong. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, with 16 years experience in the field of fitness, nutrition, and injury prevention/treatment. She has been working exclusively with pre- and postnatal women for the last 9 years, which has allowed her the opportunity to see how seldom women get the sort of support and information they need to truly re-integrate their core, nervous system, and biomechanical performance after childbirth. Her programs for core rehabilitation have been featured in Shape magazine, NPR, Parents magazine, and are vetted by leading physical therapists in this field.

Buy the FUEL: Befriend Your Body course today and get a 50% discount, just for MommaStrong members.

This special offer of a one time fee of $125 $250 only lasts through September 2021. Do this before you do anything else.

Appreciate Your Unique and Amazing Body