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Become a MommaStrong member for just $12/month.

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Functional movement that promotes healing and prepares you for caregiving.

If we do our job here in Hazy Days, you will be more prepared when you get the “all clear” from the doctor. And while you are not going to be a step ahead of much in life (hello motherhood), you will be a step ahead of what your body needs as you move forward, out of the hazy days. And, just so you know, Courtney the founder of MommaStrong, filmed this entire program during her own Hazy Days period, so when she says she is with you, SHE REALLY is. And, everything is going to be ok. 

Hazy Days™ is for MommaStrong members who are between 0 – 60 Days postpartum. There is plenty of other content once you are past 60 days postpartum that is included in your MommaStrong membership. But for these first 60 days, just show up in Hazy Days and take good care of yourself.

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That’s almost the best part … you’ll be able to use items that you probably already have at home. For example: big pillows, a chair, a bolster, a sturdy rolled-up surface (towels, yoga mat, etc.), and a booty band that can be purchased in the MommaStrong Shop (or you can use a sports bra or any other band you have around). These items will be used to help isolate and get certain muscle groups back in action, but they should never be a reason not to show up. You can do plenty with absolutely zero equipment.

We use safe movements to help wake up your body’s stabilizing muscles and we steer away from calling it “exercise”, as we focus on healing. Your body needs time right now, but it also deserves some expert instruction to reintegrate. So, we combine movements like walking, squatting, and standing with a specific breathing technique designed to safely connect your pelvic floor, glutes, and mid back. And, bonus, we have options that are safe for those who have had C-sections as well.

Because we’ve taken into account that this is a time for healing and getting reacquainted with your body, we focus on small functional movements that will lead to long-term functional strength.  However, if at any time you feel increased pain or discomfort we always recommend that you consult your care provider.

We know this time can be extremely challenging. Everything is unpredictable. You are sleep-deprived and never sure what is around the corner. That is why we have text reminders that you can sign up for so whenever you get a free 5 min during the day you can just click your video. And, when even 5 min alone is asking for too much, you can use our daily Hold Up No Hands video while holding your new babe.

How does this work?

6 Things to Remember About This Specialized Program


You are not alone.

The MommaStrong community is here to support you.


You will learn things about your body that you can’t believe you didn’t know before.


You will feel stronger and more confident while preventing injuries and correcting movements. 


Just a few minutes each day of small movements will help more than you can imagine.


This is a huge step in preparing your body for the long haul reality of caretaking for years to come.


You won’t be perfect because you are human and this program was made for humans by humans.

Aches & Pains

Because we know bodies don’t always cooperate, you will find quick fixes for common aches and pains and extra courses to help with incontinence, sciatica, and booty strength.


And, our secret weapon—a private community where you can get support from other Strong Mommas and our Physical Therapy Advisor, Stephanie Dillon. You have never seen a more supportive, smart and open community, really it is one of the most amazing things.


You’ll also have access to our MommaStrong FUEL group in our community moderated by Registered Dietitians and a FREE intro course. The FUEL program focuses on befriending your perfectly, imperfect body.


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