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The first thing you will do is take a big leap and give us a try, which we greet with a special rate of $5/month for 90 days. That’s enough time to procrastinate by binge-watching all the seasons of a show you’ll never admit watching! Not that we know what that’s like. Ahem.


Once you sign up, you’ll get immediate access to all of our videos. If you’ve signed up on the web, you’ll simply head over to the “Workouts” page in our main navigation and, voila, those will now be unlocked. If you’ve signed up via the app, you’ll also be granted immediate access to the app. You will also receive a “Get Started” email with info about logging in to your account in the future, and how to get started start in the content.


Oh, and no matter how you sign up, you can download the app on any device and/or your smart TV.


Finally, extra special bonus: You get access to our member community directly in our app or on the website. Here, you can ask questions directly to each other, to our founder, to our experts, and to our amazing Physical Therapist Advisor. 


**Special note: Check your spam, promotional, junk folders of your email account should you not find the Get Started email. It goes there to retire in the abyss sometimes, as do all good things.

This step is important because we offer a LOT of content, and your brain might ping-pong around with questions like Should I do this or that? What do I need? Where do I start?


So, deep breath. We’ve made this part easy. The first thing you watch is called “Jump Start.” EASY. It’s a short video that you gives all the info you need about how this all works and what exactly YOUR unique first step is.


After Jump Start you’ll head to Build, where you get to pick a starting place that meets you where you are. It’s a total of 10 workouts (each 15-minutes) that gives you all the education and exercise you could ever want, all in one. Whether you are in pain, lacking motivation, pregnant, newly postpartum, in need of some serious endorphins, OR just middle of the road feeling “meh”, we have a starting place for you. It’s kind of like those Choose Your Own Adventure books when we were kids, except definitely way cooler (who are we kidding, nothing is cooler).


Following Build, you will be ready to head into the ongoing Daily 15 that is right for you. This is a NEW 15-minute workout everyday and is sort of the heartbeat of the program here. 


Other than that, everything else we offer (fix-mes, hacks, deep dives, stretch & releases) are all there for you as you need them, when you need them. 


PS: We love you.

Once you get going in the order of things (remember Jump Start to start!), then the task will be learning the art of mediocre fitness goals. That means that you do your best to show up daily-ish for 15 minutes (sometimes you may even pick one of our 5 minute hacks and that is equally awesome).


We make that part easy with our version of motivation, which draws on evidence-based practices regarding health behavior change and habit-building. Basically, in a nut shell: You set underwhelming goals, you right-size your expectations to match your real life, and you bask in the magical power of Accomplishment. And this is where you start to get proof – which you deserve – that the effort is worth it.


Accomplishment, proof, and our scrappy but skilled leadership in workouts are the secret sauce to help you show up again tomorrow(ish) and the next day (ish).


All in all, you will discover that we are in this with you, and that showing up gives us a way to check-in rather than check-out of our bodies and our lives. Showing up reminds us that we are not alone and that we are enough. It helps us do the rough stuff of life without falling apart physically. It gifts us resiliency and congruency.


Plus, we promise plenty of weird TMI stories during workouts, because we’re not capable of scripting anything… believe us, we’ve tried.

When you show up consistently, on your terms— you begin to feel better.


You will feel connected in your body. Integrated. You will stand taller. You will bend without pain. You will grab that heavy box or catch the wild child as he/she/they dive bomb the dog from the counter. You will begin to understand pain, which means you respond to your body rather than react with fear.


Our goal for you is not a great business goal, but spoiler: we remain activists at heart. Our goal and our hope is to become dispensable. We want you to become the mechanic of your own body. We want you to become more curious and confident, to engage in adventure and movement that you once thought was off the table for you.


When you start feeling better doing the stuff you love – whether it’s here with us or somewhere else – then we have done our job.

Listen. You will “mess up”. Life will happen. Healing is not a linear path, it’s up and down and all around. No human we know escapes that reality.


Inserting self-compassion in your fitness journey is essential.


Learning to “begin again” after you’ve fallen off or things have gotten in the way is actually the biggest and most important “muscle” to flex. There’s a ton of courage in that moment and we see it. We see you. We have felt it ourselves, which is why we are still here, doing this each and every day with you.


The freedom to be imperfect and to still heal and become whole is worth every ounce of courage.

Grab our introductory offer of $5/month for 90 days.

That’s enough time to procrastinate and still give it a try. 


After 90 days, if you choose to stick around, it’s just $12/month.


Looking for a yearly option instead? Click here!

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