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Learn how to take the MommaStrong method to the next level using resistance equipment.

Members will come away with the skills and confidence to safely practice resistance training as a part of their exercise routine, as well as options to practice and progress what they have learned. Many resistance training programs don’t spend the time to properly educate and practice form and movement, which can result in injury. Loaded will help you safely add resistance training sessions to your workout routine and continue building your functional fitness using the MommaStrong method.

The Loaded series is for MommaStrong members who are interested in a new challenge and have gone through the initial MommaStrong training and practice including: Jump Start, Build, and have been consistently practicing the Momma Daily 15 workouts for at least a month.


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Loaded is not for brand new members who are unfamiliar with MommaStrong. Before beginning the Loaded series, you need to complete Jump Start, Build and practice the Momma Daily 15 workouts for at least a month. 


Experienced MommaStrong members who are currently pregnant may be able to do Loaded but you should speak to your healthcare professional. If you have questions, please contact us for more information at


Loaded is also not for members in the first 6 months postpartum or those experiencing symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction including:

  • Urinary or fecal incontinence with exercise
  • Symptomatic prolapse (heaviness, dragging, pressure, or feeling a bulge outside of the vagina)
  • Shooting/burning pain, joint pain, or numbness with exercise

If these apply to you, please prioritize learning, healing, fix-me’s, and doctor’s guidance. If you have questions about any existing symptoms, email

You can experience many benefits from resistance training including: 

  • Improved self-confidence and mood
  • Improved pain management
  • Decreased risk of injury
  • Improved posture and stamina
  • Increased bone density and reduced risk of osteoporosis
  • Increased performance in everyday activities
  • Improved sleep quality

You have options. Lots and lots of options. We will demonstrate the use of dumbells, kettlebells, and resistance bands as well as DIY options you can find around your house. You don’t need ALL of these items. You will explore the options in the Loaded series so you can decide what is right for you right now. You can find our specific equipment recommendations in the equipment section in our shop.

You will be using the MommaStrong system of strength (aka as the anchor points: deep abs, glutes and mid back). First we will dive into the Introduction where you will learn resistance training basics like:

  • Readiness & contraindications
  • Breathing
  • Equipment options


Next, you will dive into Essential Movement Patterns and cueing for:

  • Squats
  • Hip hinge 
  • Single leg work
  • Push form
  • Pull form
  • Carry form


Then, you will begin the Practice section where you will begin practicing what you have learned including: 

  • Workout prep and recovery
  • Lower body workout
  • Upper body workout
  • Full body workout
  • Post workout release

And, finally in the What’s Next? section, we will discuss how to apply and continue your practice. Once again you have options. You can come back and repeat the stand alone practice workouts or you can access shorter add-on workouts in the More than Enough category. The More Than Enough add-ons are meant to be added on to your Daily 15 workout or any other exercise you love to do.

The key to resistance training is continually challenging yourself, ensuring adequate recovery, and of course- consistency. Including resistance training sessions that challenge you a few times per week is enough to notice gains in strength, balance, mobility, and muscle mass. For beginners, you may notice differences within a matter of weeks.


Beyond this, there are MANY benefits to learning and consistently practicing resistance exercises including: improved self-confidence and mood; improved pain management; decreased risk of injury; improved posture and stamina; increased bone density and reduced risk of osteoporosis; increased performance in everyday activities; and improved sleep quality.

Yes, Loaded is included in your MommaStrong membership. It is designed to be added on to your regular MommaStrong daily workout.

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How does this work?

6 Things to Remember about Loaded, a Deep Dive in Resistance Training


You will gain the confidence to safely use a variety of resistance equipment.


You will learn and practice applying the MommaStrong system of strength to resistance training.


You will have access to full stand-alone workouts using equipment, as well as short ‘add-ons’ to use before or after a Momma D15.


You will receive guidance and ongoing support on how to apply and continue to progress your resistance training.


You can experience many long lasting benefits from resistance training.


You can safely explore a new kind of workout that will build on your MommaStrong basics.

The MommaStrong Membership supports you with Deep Dives into specific areas of interest.

Our Loaded Deep Dive supports people who are ready for a new challenge in MommaStrong and are curious about resistance training. It is also for more experienced members who want to learn how to apply the MommaStrong system of strength to their resistance training practice.


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