The MommaStrong Way

MommaStrong is an online fitness program engineered to teach you about your body and how to gain strength from the inside out—especially as you experience the journey of motherhood (pregnancy to postpartum). In a world of fitness programs that offer surface-level promises of “bikini bodies” and “bouncing back after baby,” MommaStrong stands out from the crowd because it successfully and sustainably treats pain, weakness, and common physical complaints. This means that it serves the whole woman, focusing on your function rather than merely your appearance. The program also helps a busy woman do the impossible: show up every single day for self care.

MommaStrong does this by:


Staying real and approachable to every customer.



Creating a flexible platform that is forgiving, yet challenging.



Providing invaluable support from a group of amazing mommas who motivate you to do it anyway.


Founder Courtney Wyckoff, a certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist and mother of two, created the program after her own postpartum and pain issues following the birth of her second child. She created do-at-home programs to address the specific needs of mothers in all stages of motherhood—in quick, 15-minute daily sessions that are different every day. The program addresses the reality that mothers have unique needs while offering a supportive community of fellow subscribers who are tackling many of the same issues. Wyckoff also coaches members on a number of topics related to wellness, exercise and injury prevention—and offers intelligently designed online conditioning programs with in-depth looks at ways to improve physical, mental and emotional health.

About the Program

MommaStrong is an online resource for women to build strength and resilience, while being realistic and understanding of the demands of motherhood. MommaStrong’s focus is NOT on weight loss or “getting your body back” from pre-motherhood. It focuses on building strength, addressing issues of postpartum, and overall health.

Key Features

Four distinct programs for multiple stages of motherhood.

  • Momma-To-Be (for pregnant moms)
  • Hazy Days (0 – 8 weeks  postpartum)
  • New Momma (8 weeks – 6 months postpartum)
  • Momma (moms of kids 6 months and older)

⇒  Offers feasible 15-minute daily workout sessions for a monthly subscription of $12/month.


⇒  Offers a supportive global community of fellow moms (more than 12,000 members).


⇒  Offers workshops, retreats, coaching sessions and advice from a corrective exercise specialist.

Backstory & Bios

Courtney Wyckoff founded MommaStrong in 2012 after finding herself with her own postpartum issues after childbirth and realizing there was not an easily accessible program for recent moms that addressed the specific pelvic floor problems that exist after most woman give birth. The company started with Wyckoff creating her own short video workouts to address this area and sharing them with fellow moms in her community. As the program grew in size over the past six years, Wyckoff joined forces with CEO Sicily Dickenson in 2018 to formalize the program into a three-track subscription (based on where you are in your motherhood experience), adding weekly Q&A sessions, specialized sessions for a multitude of postnatal issues, workshops, and other resources for subscribers.

Courtney Wyckoff

Courtney Wyckoff is the Founder of MommaStrong. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, with 16 years experience in the field of fitness, nutrition, and injury prevention/treatment. She has been working exclusively with pre- and postnatal women for the last 9 years, which has allowed her the opportunity to see how seldom women get the sort of support and information they need to truly re-integrate their core, nervous system, and biomechanical performance after childbirth. Her programs for core rehabilitation have been featured in Shape magazine, NPR, Parents magazine, and are vetted by leading physical therapists in this field.

Audience Demographics

MommaStrong is a community of more than 12,000+ women who are soon to be mothers, recent mothers, and mothers of kids of all ages. There are even grandmothers in their 70s who do MommaStrong. These women live in communities all around the world, with the top five U.S. markets including Texas, California, Massachusetts, New York, and Washington. And outside the U.S. you will find MommaStrongers in Autralia, UK, Argentina, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Nigeria, South Africa and Singapore.

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