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4/2/22 – 4/11/22

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MommaStrong Booty Band


Elastic cotton and latex with a woven label. This fabric resistant band is non-slip and will get your glutes firing. Available in five sizes, size 1, size 1.5, size 2, size 2.5 and size 3. Smaller does not equal better. The right muscles won’t be worked if you’re in a band that’s too small, so watch the instructional video on how to get the right measurement and take a look at the recommendation chart below. If you fall in two size brackets, go for the larger size. Email us if you have any questions at help@mommastrong.com

  • all levels are 3″ in width
  • size 1 is 14.5″ in length
  • size 1.5 is 15.5″ in length
  • size 2 is 17″ in length
  • size 2.5 is 18.5″ in length
  • size 3 is 20.5″ in length
  • anti-slip

Tip: with feet together, measure where your band would go on your mid thigh and follow the chart recommendation below.

Sizing Chart for Resistance Recommendation:

29″ – 34″ – recommended size 1
35″ – 37″ – recommended size 1.5
37.5″ – 40″ – recommended size 2
41″ – 43″ – recommended size 2.5
44″ – 46″ – recommended size 3

For proper fitting instructions view this video.

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water with mild/gentle detergent. Rinse and air dry. Do NOT place in a washing or drying machine as this will comprise the elasticity. Do not leave in direct sunlight or heat. Your booty band thanks you!