Replay: Enoughism Workshop


This workshop replay is for:

  • Anyone who ever wonders if these 15 min workouts are really enough.
  • Anyone who just can’t get started.


What would it feel like to forgive yourself for not being stronger or fitter or leaner or more disciplined? Or for not running that marathon or, if you did, for not running it fast enough or training hard enough? Or for not having a flat stomach or a round tuckus? Or for not making it to yoga more than once a year. Or for not doing enough self-care each day or meditating like a monk? Whew.


YES, we are going to free ourselves from a bunch of the bologna we’ve been sold about our health and fitness. And we’re going to really forgive ourselves and then make a solid, lasting decision (backed by science and research) that we are doing 100% enough. ENOUGH.


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