Replay: Belly of the Beast Workshop


This three hour online workshop replay, led by Courtney Wyckoff, and joined by Jya Plavin, Stephanie Dillion, Viki Kelly-Quirk, and Dr. Tova Alladice, includes:

1 hr 45 mins of education around our “centers”:

  • Courtney’s story 
  • Anatomy and muscle function of the deep abs
  • Anatomy and function of breathing
  • Stress vs stressor response and relationship to posture and ab function
  • GI Issues and the relationship to deep ab and pelvic floor function
  • History, Culture, & Bellies — Oh My!

15 minute break

1 hr “Centered” Class*:  Breathing, intense abs, anchor point activation, and posture


*Modifications during the Centered Class will definitely be provided for those who are pregnant or newly postpartum, but also be aware that some of the suggestions will be applicable only after full recovery from pregnancy/birth.


This course is for educational purposes only. It cannot and does not replace the need to see a medical doctor or professional for individualized evaluation and treatment.


Be sure to check your email for replay link.