Spring Forward 10 Day Tank Sale!

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4/2/22 – 4/11/22

*Sale excludes Enough tank.

The Boston Cheeky Tour


Date: Sunday, July 16th

Time: 10-12

Location TBD: We will announce the location by June 1. Guarantees on it are that it will be within 50 miles of Boston AND have adequate parking. We promise a beautiful space!


Ok, it’s time to get your butt in gear. It’s been a long haul of zooming, sitting, commuting, caretaking, surviving … omg surviving. Chances are that your glutes have gone to sleep and chances are you actually have zero idea of how to get them back in the game of life. 


We can help. 


Join us for a 2 hour IN PERSON workshop in which Courtney will lead you through:

  • 1 hour Glute Workout
  • Stretching & Release moves
  • Education on the anatomy of your glutes, the connection to the rest of your body, and how glute strength helps heal many other pain patterns. 


So, get the eff out of the house finally and get back to the swing of things in person with us.


Plus you get goodies! Ticket price includes:

  • MommaStrong Booty Band
  • MommaStrong Release Ball
  • Cheeky T-shirt


  • To guarantee your correct size, please specify your preferred size for the Booty Band and T-shirt in the Order Notes during checkout. 
  • All are welcome! Safe for pregnancy, postpartum, and most pain patterns. Modifications will be provided when needed.
  • Enrollment is limited to 100 participants.
  • Be sure to check your email for more details after registering.