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FUEL: Befriend Your Body Course


How did you become a grown up (raising other small humans) who doesn’t know how to fuel yourself AND who forgot how to befriend your perfectly, imperfect body? FUEL is here to give you a new playbook, one that says—please, be free.

As a FUEL: Befriend Your Body course member, you will build a foundation that helps you make choices about your health that are sustainable and contribute to a positive relationship with food, on your terms. The FUEL approach was created with the same values as MommaStrong with the added expertise of our Registered Dietitians and our Mental Health team to bring you the most up to date research and real life experiences and observations. So, instead of diving into a program of control and restriction, Fuel is our opportunity to be rebelliously healthy for the long haul.

  • You must be a MommaStrong member to purchase the FUEL: Befriend Your Body course. Purchase of this course will take you off the MommaStrong shop site and to our MommaStrong community where the course is hosted.
  • You will not be able to purchase other MommaStrong shop products in the same transaction as the FUEL: Befriend Your Body course.
  • For any questions please email help@mommastrong.com.