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Hi! I’m Jessica Chua, I’m a mom to two wonderfully, wild boys and wife to the sweetest man. Good Karma Customs was created somewhere between late night nursing sessions and selling my former business. Found through 3 am Pinterest visits, I quickly became obsessed with learning, then making and selling custom tumblers. I enjoy doing what gives me joy and—THE GLITTER, brings joy!

Featured Artist: Twin Engine Coffee

Coffee In. Poverty Out. Discover Nicaragua’s Specialty Coffees While Ending Poverty, One family at a time.

To find delicious, mountain-grown, ethically produced, sustainable, organic coffee these days can be difficult. Twin Engine Coffee makes it easy. We are pioneering a new approach to specialty coffee. We do the work at the source so that you always have fresh, Specialty-grade coffee that fits with your lifestyle and tastes. And because it is crafted at the source, the local community benefits 400% more than with a typical ‘fair’ coffee.


We’re setting new standards for taste globally and sustainability locally.

Andrea Woolverton, Ph.D. is the founder of Twin Engine Coffee in León, Nicaragua. Twin Engine Coffee challenges the current specialty coffee model by roasting at origin to maximize quality & sustainability, while directly fighting poverty. Professionally, Andrea is an agricultural economist that decided to put her “recommendations into practice.” That is a lot harder than she thought it would be! Andrea feels a strong connection to MommaStrong through the companies’ parallel mission of ‘changing the conversation’ as well as our deep need as women for the freedom to care for our bodies.