Join us for our summer workshop!

Does the working of your center feel like the wild wild west … hard to wrangle? Has the last year upended all your sense of centeredness? Have you gotten pretty integrated in your middle, but you often still feel/look poochy? Do you love your belly considering all that it has done in life and YET STILL also know that there’s something in your middle that deserves attention and help? Do you suffer from chronic diastasis recti and/or a hernia? Do you deal with digestive issues? Do hormonal shifts show up in your midsection? Do you know how to breathe correctly? Would you like to find your center, literally and metaphorically?

If you answered Yes to just one of these questions, then we have the workshop for you this summer. 

Join us for a dynamic three hours in which we will go to the belly of the beast with you. Education, exercise, and expertise, all waiting for you. We know it’s been a hard year. We know you’ve lived in survival mode. And we also know that NOW you are feeling the brunt of it all. NOW you feel like you falling apart. NOW you are seeing how much more support your body has needed all along. Your center, your middle … it’s been a bit neglected, yeah? You’re not alone. Come embrace and listen generously to this wise beast that is the center of you. Sign Up for the Summer Workshop!

Past Workshop Replays