Caring for Your Pelvic Floor | Saturday January 23, 2021 | $60

2–4 CST | 12–2 PST | 3–5 EST

Online Workshop via Zoom, led by Stephanie Dillon, PT, DPT, OCS, WCS

This 2 hour zoom workshop is for:
  • Folks who are pregnant.
  • Folks who have given birth recently.
This workshop will include:
  • a brief anatomy and muscle function review
  • an overview of anatomy/body changes during pregnancy
  • how to prep for labor (perineal massage, pelvic floor stretching, exercise)
  • labor/delivery positioning
  • postpartum birth recovery
  • postpartum biomechanics, breastfeeding, etc
  • Q&A

Jump Start | Saturday February 13, 2021 | $60

2–4 CST | 12–2 PST | 3–5 EST

Online Workshop via Zoom, led by Courtney Wyckoff, CPT, CES 

This 2 hour zoom workshop is for:
  • Folks who are just starting out in MommaStrong and want to do the introductory lessons with real live guidance.
  • Folks who have been around a while and need a reboot in the basics.

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to get started and it’s always better to be confused with company. Join us for an informative and inspiring two hours that will help you begin your strength journey with as much clarity as possible.

Breakdown of Workshop:
We will tackle the fundamental alignment cues that you will need in your MommaStrong adventure. This includes frontals back, catching a raindrop, tucking your rib chin, getting tushy, knee and toe eyeballs forward, and more! Jeepers, we are goofy, aren’t we?

Bracing & Breathing
The way you engage AND disengage your abdominals and your pelvic floor is key to your overall strength and resiliency. We will cover this technique in depth and make sure you walk out knowing the ins and outs.

We believe that your future strength depends on your ability to stay the course even when you’ve got life stuff happening. Here, you will learn how to adjust or adapt your workouts as needed and how to use the Fix MEs when you need fixing.

You know we couldn’t have you leave without getting your 15 minutes in. We will guide you through a safe, basic workout suitable for both beginners and seasoned members and leave you feeling a little bit better than when you walked in.

The enrollment is limited to 10 participants to ensure you get personalized attention and instruction.

Enoughism | Saturday March 6, 2021 | $60

2–4 CST | 12–2 PST | 3–5 EST

Online Workshop via Zoom, led by Courtney Wyckoff, CPT, CES 

This 2 hour zoom workshop is for:
  • Anyone who ever wonders if these 15 min workouts are really enough.
  • Anyone who just can’t get started.

What would it feel like to forgive yourself for not being stronger or fitter or leaner or more disciplined? Or for not running that marathon or, if you did, for not running it fast enough or training hard enough? Or for not having a flat stomach or a round tuckus? Or for not making it to yoga more than once a year. Or for not doing enough self-care each day or meditating like a monk?


YES, we are going to free ourselves from a bunch of the bologna we’ve been sold about our health and fitness. And we’re going to really forgive ourselves and then make a solid, lasting decision (backed by science and research) that we are doing 100% enough. ENOUGH.

Breakdown of Workshop:

  1. First, we will do an “enough” 15 minute workout that will get you feeling sweaty, alive, able, awake, vital.
  2. Then, we will discuss through interactive experiments and mini workouts the three anchor points of the body and how they provide enough strength.
  3. Next, we will talk about what gets in the way of showing up everyday even in tiny amounts, which is the secret to enoughism.
  4. Then get ready to break down the science behind Health at Every Size and what it means to get into radical acceptance of where your body is right now (ugh).
  5. We will also do some stretching and fix-me on common pain points that interrupt your showing up the most often.
  6. And finally, we will create a personalized “enoughism” plan for you to tackle when you leave the workshop, so that you can show up every day and experience the benefits. We will leave a plenty of time for Q&A.

Please come and help us declare a state of enoughism in our lives, as the world spins and things feel nuts.  How do you hang on to yourself?  We can help.


Invite friends. We can’t wait to see you. Spots are limited and will go fast. Find a way to be there.

Past Workshop Replays

Don't Be a Pisser $35

In this workshop, Stephanie Dillon, PT, DPT, OCS, WCS, and our very own MommaStrong Physical Therapist advisor will discuss:

  • How your bladder works 
  • What the different types of incontinence are & why they occur
  • Why ANY amount of leaking is not normal!
  • Tips to help prevent leaking that you can implement immediately (Hint: Kegels are not necessarily the answer!)
  • Which exercises & MommaStrong videos are most helpful

Diastasis Recti $35

In this workshop Stephanie Dillon PT, DPT, OCS, WCS, and our very own MommaStrong Physical Therapist advisor will be co-hosting with Courtney Wyckoff. Jya Plavin will also be moderating so this is one big MommaStrong party. The workshop will include:

  • How and why DR naturally occurs during pregnancy  
  • How to know when DR is a problem postpartum
  • Why DR can be linked to other problems like back pain, prolapse, and incontinence
  • What actually happens when DR is “fixed” or “healed”  |  Why the do’s and dont’s associated with DR are mostly myths
  • How DR impacted Courtney and her experience postpartum
  • How to best use the MommaStrong program to help DR (and why all of MommaStrong is safe for DR!)

Need a Personalized Roadmap?


1:1 attention to help you use the MommaStrong program to improve areas of weakness with our Physical Therapist Advisor, Stephanie Dillon.

Do you have a specific exercise-related issue that you hope to improve?

Want to learn how to prevent recurrence of a previous injury or issue?

Ever wondered what to do after completing a FIX ME in the MommaStrong program?