Welcome to MommaStrong!
Welcome to MommaStrong!

Welcome to MommaStrong!

We are so glad to know that your clinician is recommending MommaStrong for you! 

MommaStrong is here to help you, whether you're pregnant, just given birth, or are sending your last kid off to college (omg). 

We offer 15-minute Daily Workouts, customized to what phase of motherhood you are in. These workouts are brand new every day and are "click to play". This means you just have to click play and we do the workout with you. No extra finagling or figuring out or exercise tutorials - just get moving.

We also have a large library of Quick Fixes and Longer Fixes to target various pain points, plus address issues like diastasis recti, back pain, plantar fasciitis, and incontinence - and everything else you're probably experiencing. 

The great news is that because your clinician referred you, you get to try everything for FREE for 30 days ... AND THEN, you get to continue on past that at a discounted membership rate of $10/month (as compared to our regular $12/month). You can cancel at any time. 

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Check out our FAQs below.

What is MommaStrong all about?

MommaStrong is a company devoted to good-enough fitness.  We started with a focus on pregnancy and postpartum fitness, and now have programming that can take you through menopause as well.  If you decide to join, your task will be learning the art of mediocre fitness goals. This means that you do your best to show up daily-ish for 15 minutes (sometimes you may even pick one of our 5 minute hacks and that is equally awesome).  All of our videos can be done at home, on your own time, with minimal equipment.

How much does it cost?

Since your clinician referred you to MommaStrong, your first 30 days is FREE.  After that, you will continue at a special discounted membership of $10/month (as compared to our regular $12/month). You can cancel at any time, no strings attached. 

And, if there ever comes a time where you cannot afford MommaStrong, we do offer a program called Share the Show Up for those who need it.  Find out more at https://mommastrong.com/pages/share-the-show-up, and just email help@mommastrong.com if you have questions or need help.

How much time does MommaStrong take, and what equipment do I need?

This is the best part of MommaStrong.  Almost all of our videos are 15-20 minutes long, and we even have 5-min hacks for the days when you can’t find 15 minutes!  

As far as equipment goes, the basics are that you will want a yoga mat, and most members do use a resistance band.  Cans from your pantry or light weights are optional for upper body work!  And, sometimes we use a support surface underneath our pelvis for deep ab work that is done laying on your back.  For this you can purchase a support surface, but there are plenty of DIY options you likely already have around your home!

Do you have an app, or how do I access MommaStrong?

Yes, we have all of the apps!  We have mobile, tablet, and streaming apps for your TV.  Additionally, you can access all of our workouts on our website from any web browser.  Plus you can download any videos you wish within our apps for offline access while traveling!

Is MommaStrong only for mommas or younger people?

Definitely not!  While the core of MommaStrong was designed for bodies that give birth, our unique approach to functional strength makes us a good fit for all bodies.  This is especially true for bodies that are trying to heal from injuries or various pain points.  We have plenty of members that would count themselves among our “GrammaStrong” contingent, and always offer low-impact modifications to workouts. 

How soon can I start MommaStrong postpartum?

You can start our Hazy Days program day 1 postpartum.  Hazy Days is only 5 minutes per day, and is more focused on stretching, gentle movement, and muscle activation to get you back in touch with your body.  The program grows with you as you move through the different phases of postpartum healing, gradually becoming a little more difficult each week.  And we have two tracks of Hazy Days - one for complicated births, and one for uncomplicated births.  So no matter your situation, you are in good hands with Hazy Days.

Will my clinician know if I do or don’t sign up for MommaStrong?

Nope!  It would be a breach of confidentiality if we shared this information with your clinician.  So don’t worry about disappointing anyone if you give our program a try and it’s not for you; although frankly, we doubt that will happen. :)

Is MommaStrong safe for diastasis recti (DR)?

Yes!  All of our videos are safe for DR.  We even have a 21-day program called Di-Recti, designed for rehabilitating DR and regaining postpartum core strength. 

You won’t find anything here that will make your DR worse, and you’ll learn the beauty of integrating your deep abs again with functional movement.

What if I have pain while doing MommaStrong workouts?

Hopefully this won’t happen, but if it does, we have a large library of Quick Fixes and Longer Fixes to help your body heal.  Plus, we have a most amazing Physical Therapist Advisor who is here to give you some guidance through MommaStrong programming.  While she cannot provide physical therapy to you directly, she can help point out which videos in MommaStrong may be best for you.  You can reach her anytime by emailing help@mommastrong.com or by leaving a question for her in our community.

I’m still not sure if MommaStrong is right for me, do you have anyone I can talk to?

You are in luck, as our Physical Therapist Advisor is here to help you figure out whether or not MommaStrong is right for you.  As a non-member, you can email her anytime at help@mommastrong.com to tell her your situation, particular concerns or physical limitations, and questions you may have about which path in MommaStrong is right for you.  Once you join the program, you also have the ability to post a question for her in our community anytime.