Functional Fitness


$12/month. Cancel any time.

Functional Fitness


$12/month. Cancel any time.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

Let go of what we’ve been brainwashed to recognize as looking fit and instead accept that building and maintaining functional strength inside your own unique body is actually enough. You have a choice in how you live in your body in all stages of motherhood.

Resolve Aches and Pains

Because we know bodies don’t always cooperate, you will find evidence-based fixes for common aches and pains, as well as focused “Incubator” courses designed by our team of professionals that allow you to focus on an array of problems you may experience.

Build Physical and Mental Strength

With our daily 15 minute workouts, you will build and maintain your functional strength and give your mental health a boost. Show up the way you want to in the world. And, know that every day we will be doing the daily workout right alongside you.

Engage with a Strong Support Community

Our exclusive members-only community is where you will get support from other MommaStrongers, as well as from our team of professionals—our Physical Therapist Advisor, Stephanie Dillon, our Registered Dietitians, and our Mental Health Team.

"Through MommaStrong's guidance, I felt more knowledgeable and empowered in my early postpartum days."
"While MommaStrong has definitely helped strengthen my muscles, I feel like the real transformation has been my mindset."


Your path to achieving functional fitness so you can do what you love

15 Minute Daily Workouts


Education & Courses


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"It feels good to have access to a wide range of workouts that change with you throughout motherhood."
"For the first time ever I am 31 weeks pregnant and NOT on bed rest! Thank you, MommaStrong, for the healthiest pregnancy I've had!"

The MommaStrong Membership Includes:

Programs for Pregnancy thru Menopause

A Team of Experts

Pain Resolution

Emphasis on Function Over Appearance

Learning How to FUEL Your Body

Inclusive Member Community

Functional strength in a feasible package with zero false promises.

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Your Team of Experts

Courtney Wyckoff, Founder, CPT, CES

Courtney Wyckoff is the Founder of MommaStrong. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, with 16 years experience in the field of fitness, nutrition, and injury prevention/treatment. She has been working exclusively with pre- and postnatal women for the last 9 years, which has allowed her the opportunity to see how seldom women get the sort of support and information they need to truly re-integrate their core, nervous system, and biomechanical performance after childbirth. Her programs for core rehabilitation have been featured in Shape magazine, NPR, Parents magazine, and are vetted by leading physical therapists in this field.

Stephanie Dillon, PT, DPT, WCS

Physical Therapist Advisor
Stephanie Dillon (she/her) joined the team in March 2020 as the MommaStrong Physical Therapist (PT) Advisor. She has been a PT since 2007, and holds a board certification in pelvic/women’s health physical therapy. Additionally, she has a strong background in orthopedics, having also held an orthopedic board certification for 10 years. She is passionate about helping everyone, regardless of age or gender identity, learn how to improve their own pelvic floor & pelvic health-related issues. She is the mother of two young children, who somehow simultaneously make her crazy and also fill her life with joy.

Jya Plavin, MPH, CPT, CPPC

Director of Impact & Community
Jya Plavin (she/they) joined MommaStrong in March 2020 as Director of Impact & Community, and is MommaStrong’s Lead Certified Trainer. Jya holds a Master’s degree in Public Health, and is a Certified Personal Trainer and Pre- and Postnatal coach. After a difficult birth and transition to parenthood led her to the transformative magic of MommaStrong, Jya became passionate about perinatal health justice and supporting people who give birth through accessible, evidence-based fitness and wellness guidance.

Safiyya Suleman, RD

FUEL Manager
Safiyya Suleman is a Registered Dietitian, mom, and foodie. She prides herself in being an anti-diet advocate because diet culture definitely has played some tricks on her. She is a third culture kid which has taught her to master the art of communication and relationship management. She looks forward to supporting FUEL members in their journey to body acceptance and food freedom.

Kathleen Johnson, MA, RD, LDN

Kathleen Johnson is a Registered Dietitian and the owner of Halve Your Cake. She educates and empowers clients using principles of mindful and intuitive eating. Together, they create realistic goals and individualized plans to achieve them. She received her Master’s Degree in Nutrition Education from Immaculata University. Since then she has worked in multiple settings, including some time at Trader Joe’s and Johns Hopkins Integrative Medicine and Digestive Center. Find out more about Halve Your Cake at

Nicole Myers, RDN, CDCES

Nicole Myers is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist with more than 10 years experience in the field. Nicole currently works in the greater Boston area as a nutrition counselor working one-on-one with clients, with a focus on diabetes, digestive health, pregnancy and chronic disease. Nicole’s nutrition philosophy is rooted in the Intuitive Eating approach. Intuitive Eating teaches us to reconnect with our internal body cues, to build trust in understanding your own needs and find our own path to a more peaceful and restorative relationship with food and body. Nicole enjoys helping empower people to feel more in control of their health, as well as helping others deepen their connection to food.

Hannah Sheehan Da Silva, RD/Dtp, MSc, CNSC

Hannah Sheehan Da Silva is a Registered Dietitian in Canada and the USA. Hannah has worked with clients of all ages and with a variety of health conditions and conducted clinical research on the role of the gut microbiota in chronic disease. Hannah’s main objective as a dietitian is to help people to fuel their bodies during times of challenge. These challenges could include cancer, trauma, or chronic disease, or wonderful but challenging times in our lives such as the arrival of a new baby or the hectic schedule of a busy family. Hannah aims to make nourishing yourself simple, enjoyable, and effective.

Monique Cortes, LCSW-S

Monique Cortes, LCSW-S is a therapist and clinical social worker in Houston, TX. Her practice is focused in community mental health, where she can be a voice for her community’s most marginalized individuals, specifically, those with severe and persistent mental illness. She is passionate about promoting mental wellness and reducing the stigma of seeking support for mental health issues. She is an advocate for social and racial justice issues. She is the mother of a sassy 4 year old daughter and will be welcoming another into the world any day now!

Annie Keilman, LCSW

Annie Keilman, LCSW is a therapist and clinical social worker based in Oakland, California. Social justice, client self-determination, hope and humor are fundamental to her practice, which focuses on new and expectant parents, individuals working in caring professions, and those impacted by a family member or loved one with mental illness. She credits MommaStrong and Fuel for the glutes and energy needed to wrangle her two small children.

Nicole Taylor Irwin, PhD

Nicole Taylor Irwin, PhD (she/her) is a licensed psychologist who has worked with families in the NICU, women hospitalized with complications during their pregnancies, and families dealing with infertility, loss, and reproductive difficulties. She is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Denver Graduate School of Professional Psychology. Her research and clinical interests have been in feminist psychology, women’s health, psychosocial oncology, perinatal mental health and infusing social justice in supervision and training.

Equity is Strength

MommaStrong’s mission is to Empower Mommas with Strength From the Inside Out, and this mission is central to our work in diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

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