Welcome Clinicians!
Welcome Clinicians!

Welcome Clinicians!

We go together like ... 

Rest assured. Our number one priority here in MommaStrong is being a part of the support system every mom deserves. When we say "a part" - we mean it. Just like parents can't do it alone, we can't do it alone and we're guessing you can't either. 

We know your work in the world is exhausting but also rewarding ... and that you often need safe workouts for your patients/clients during or after their treatment plan with you. 

We want to support your work by being a great option for safe and effective exercise during all phases of motherhood. We offer clinical level solutions to common issues like diastasis recti, incontinence, back pain, etc, while also supporting a mom in her mental health and connection to a community.

We feel we can only offer this safety by staying our lane and keeping our side of the street clean. This means that we don't offer solutions or make suggestions to our members that need to come from YOU, their clinician. We also make sure we are up to date on all our programs and training modalities. We are fans of saying, "I don't know" and "I think it's time to get some eyeballs on you".

This is a big deal for an online platform to hold to this level of integrity and we're here for it. We would love for you to see that - it's more to important that we show you then just try to convince you. For this reason, we offer all interested clinicians a full 30 days for free to check out our program in its entirety, before making the decision to refer your patients/clients. 

If you have any further questons, please reach out to our founder, Courtney Wyckoff, and/or our Physical Therapist Advisor (a board certified pelvic floor PT), Stephanie Dillon. Send an email to help@mommastrong.com with the subject "Interested Clinician" if you'd like!

Or, if you're ready to get your 30 day sneak peek, click the button below.



Learn about our Clinicians Program

What is the MommaStrong clinician program?

The MommaStrong clinician program is a partnership between ourselves and anyone who may refer their patients/clients to MommaStrong.  It was designed to improve the connection between the greater medical and bodyworker community to our program.  It also was created to give clinicians a better understanding of our evidence-based method.  Plus, we wanted to make it easier for clinicians to get the word out about MommaStrong, which is why we offer every interested clinician a free 30-day trial offer and discounted monthly membership for their patients/clients to use.  We also have materials explaining more about how our program works that clinicians can order at no cost to them.

Who can join?

Anyone who treats patients or clients who may benefit from MommaStrong!  This can include physicians, NPs, PAs, PTs, OTs, chiropractors, bodyworkers, massage therapists, personal trainers, and many more.

How do I sign up?

You have options:

  1. You can go to this link and use the code CLINICIANSFREE30DAYS at checkout. This code will make sure you get this offer for free!

  1. Email help@mommastrong.com and we can manually add you to the sneak peek. 

Does it cost anything?

No!  Your sneak peek is completely free to you for 30 days. After 30 days, your access will immediately end, so there's nothing else you have to do. 

We will also send you free digital materials you can pass along to your patients/clients. AND you can request brochures to have in your waiting room (also free to you!) that have the link for a 30 day free trial and discounted monthly membership for any of your patients/clients. 

What is the benefit to me and my patients/clients?

The main benefit is that you can find support for all you do and can rest easy knowing that we're partnering with you in a common mission. We know that you need this sneak peek in order to evaluate what we do and feel confident in what you are suggesting to your clients/patients. 

We also feel that being able to provide your clients/patients with a special offer for our program makes it much easier for them to access this resource without you feeling like you are selling them something or pushing a product. 

What if my patients/clients can’t afford MommaStrong?

We have a unique program called Share the ShowUp which is designed to help members who want to continue our programming, but who are experiencing financial hardship.  This fund comes entirely from donations from our current members.  There is no application to complete if someone is in need of financial assistance from us; all they have to do is email help@mommastrong.com, and state “I want to show up, but I need help.”  They will then be given 6 months of access to MommaStrong for free, and at the end of that 6 months they will have the option to extend their free membership. This can continue indefinitely if that is what the member needs.

Do you ever make custom videos or other materials for specific patient/client needs?

We already have a very large library of “quick fixes” and “longer fixes” to address various pain points and body issues ranging from low back pain to diastasis rectus abdominis.  If you have a special request for a video you would like to see us make to better-address the specific needs of your clientele, please let us know!

Can I still join the program even if don’t regularly see pregnant and postpartum patients/clients, or if I am a male provider?

Yes!  MommaStrong is intended to address the unique issues of primary caregivers throughout the lifespan, even into menopause.  Even if your patients have not been pregnant or given birth, they can still benefit from MommaStrong, especially if they are primary caretakers of children.  No one is excluded from our workouts or clinician program due to their sex or gender!

How soon can someone start your program postpartum?

We have a unique program called “Birth Recovery” that is appropriate for anyone who has given birth, starting from day zero through 8 weeks postpartum.  This program is in alliance with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommendations on postpartum exercise, and is very gentle.  It is only 5 minutes per day, mainly focusing on exercises such as deep breathing, stretching, and isometrics in the early weeks.  It then builds throughout the remainder of those first 8 weeks to match the needs of a healing postpartum body.  Additionally, it has two separate tracks: one for complicated births, and one for uncomplicated births.  After 8 weeks postpartum, members will phase into our New Momma workouts, which are appropriate from 2-12 months postpartum.