Frequently Asked Questions

So you are thinking about MommaStrong but you have a few questions. Take a look at these FAQs.

If you still don’t find your answer, email us any time at

Account FAQs

I'm experiencing technical issues that are about to make me drop kick my computer, where can I receive urgent help?

Well, we’ve got our eye out for the sneaky tech elves who like to make our days interesting here at MommaStrong Central. Please send an email to and we will be in touch lickety-split.

I love MommaStrong and want to gift a membership. How can I do that?

Gift memberships are rad and are available for purchase at Thanks for helping us spread the word. We absolutely love to find new Mommas.

How do I access MommaStrong?

We have lots of access to the MommaStrong content across devices and platforms. 


You can always use a computer. We recommend using one of these browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE or Safari. Users seem to get the best performance and prefer Chrome, but any should work.


You can use one of the browsers mentioned above on your mobile device, but many users prefer to download the app. We have an apple and android version available. Just search for MommaStrong in your app store. 


We offer streaming apps for Apple TV, Google Play, Roku, and Fire TV. Just search for MommaStrong. While the apps definitely make your daily video access easier, you will want to use your browser to explore supporting resources like the My ShowUps page, the Challenge page and to check out all of our illustrations and infographics on our Resources page. These tools are only available in your browser right now.

How do I cancel or pause my membership?


Go to and make sure you are logged in. You will know if you are logged in by going to the Workouts page ( Then, you will either see Log In or Dashboard + Log Out on the right side of the navigation.

Click on Dashboard.

Then click on Billing.

Then click on Change Plan.

If you signed up through an app (Google Play, Apple, etc.), you will need to cancel in that app.


Go to the gear icon at the bottom far right.

Click on Billing.

Click on Change Plan.

If you decide to rejoin MommaStrong, just use the same email address and your account will be reinstated. We are not able to access your subscription to cancel.


What equipment will I need for MommaStrong?

While we do use equipment in our workouts, we make sure that it is never “required” even if it is recommended. And, if we do recommend a piece of equipment, we make sure that we offer a DIY option from stuff you have around your house. 

If you do decide you want something we recommend, we sell some pieces of equipment in our shop, for ease. AND, if you don’t sell it, we offer links to where you can get it quickly. 

But, again, we make sure that you can find a way with what you have on hand already. 

I don't have kids, but this looks pretty right up my alley. Is it just for moms?

MommaStrong’s functional strength training is for everyone! We have a very diverse member base and these programs can be helpful even if you are not a mother. Our founder uses these programs and strategies on all bodies, so we are confident they can help you. 

This does, however, require you to accept a name to the programming that may not fit who you are or how you identify. We take responsibility for the fact that this isn’t a fair burden on your end. We are working towards a name that is more inclusive, so stay tuned for that.

I'm not a young mother anymore. Can I still do MommaStrong?

Yes! Our goal is to be of service to your body throughout the lifespan. We view our role in your life as a way to support ALL the ways you take care of others and yourself. 

We also are passionate about bringing awareness to the reality that the needs of caretakers do not stop just because a baby grows into a toddler and then into a teen and then into an adult. Our bodies (and lives) have been affected along the way, due to the intense nature of the roles we carry. We believe that your needs are ongoing and we are here for that.

It’s also important to note that due to hormones, ugh, our bodies require very different things at different stages of our lives. Our content is constantly being updated to meet those needs and to include the latest research in the field of functional strength.

I am suffering from an injury and/or chronic pain, can I still do your programs?

Yes! As always, though, please check with your physician prior to starting this or any other exercise program. The good news is that with the right attention and care, using MommaStrong methods could actually help address any biomechanical issues you are having. We have a broad range of body-specific and injury-specific programs that can help you confront, with care, the things that ail you. Most of the programs include options for modifications for special situations. To see how our content works, visit How It Works. 

I JUST had a baby and am not yet out of the 6-weeks postpartum no-exercise phase. Can I do anything at MommaStrong yet?

Yes! As always, though, please check with your physician prior to starting this or any other program. The good news for you is that our Hazy Days program is specifically created for 0-8 weeks postpartum. And then our New Momma program picks up at 8 weeks postpartum. Here at MommaStrong we believe that this tender fourth trimester is a special period and we will support you during this time. With that said, we also agree with your doctor and don’t think you ought to be exercising!  There’s a middle ground between doing nothing and doing too much. Welcome to sanity.

I have abdominal separation or Diastasis Recti. Are the workouts safe for me?

Yes, all the workouts are safe for women with Diastasis Recti and we have a specialized program to address this specific issue.

Why don't you have any before/afters? Can I expect to lose weight in your programs?

We do not do before/afters because we think these are cheap marketing tactics that do nothing but make you purchase with unrealistic expectations, which 98% of the time result in shame. We are also anti-objectification and avoid all sources of images that sell bodies over an entire self.

MommaStrong focuses on movement and strengthening for the sake of health and wellness rather than weight control. We respect the natural diversity of body sizes and shapes and do not equate health with thinness or weight loss. The MommaStrong method guarantees strength and a core integration that you have never experienced in your life, and how you support that strength in your own fantastic body is yours and yours alone.

Is it safe for me to do planks?

Some “abdominal exercises” can be contraindicated for most people after childbirth.  However, like sit-ups and push-ups, our focus is to teach you HOW to do a functional plank without causing harm. 

This means that we guide you carefully on when and how these exercises are appropriate, depending on where you are postpartum and also what sort of injuries/weaknesses you are experiencing. We help you understand what your body needs, what feels off or potentially harmful, and then we provide a ton of support if you just aren’t sure. 

The last thing we ever want is for you to push yourself just for the sake of performing an exercise. And we pride ourselves on being excellent biomechanic nerds, which means our cues and alignment education is the best in the industry (according to our members). Our belief system is that these “scary” exercises, along with lots of other dynamic movements, can benefit your body when the right muscles are engaged. We know that this will expand your life and boost your confidence/trust in your own body. Yes to that.