Give a Meaningful Gift
(even if you missed the gift getting boat, ahem)

Hey, if you're like me, you've probably been busy busy busy busy getting gifts for your kids, especially if you have a tween or older. Mine have discovered Santa's List 2.0 in which they create an actual slide deck with links, so um yeah wtf. Also, no. 

IN ANY CASE, my guess is that you forgot some special folks on your list and/or they showed up at the party with a gift for you and, well, you are SOL.

BUT FRET NOT! You can escape into the bathroom of said party and order this here gift of strength and then walk around feeling like the holiday badass you truly are (or pretend to be).

A membership to MommaStrong helps this person know that you see them and that you want them to feel supported in all they do, each day. 

Grab a MommaStrong gift card here!

You can gift a monthly or annual membership, or choose any custom amount. You can also customize when your gift arrives (via email).

Happy Holidays ... and good luck out there. 

And, if you're REALLY in the mood to give:

Consider our program called Share the Show Up, where you can help another mom out by sponsoring their membership here. 

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