Good enough workouts so you can feel good enough.
Good enough workouts so you can feel good enough.

Good enough workouts so you can feel good enough.

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However you came to be a parent, one thing remains true:
It's hard on your body and mind.

Showing up every day for 15 minutes can save your butt. Literally.

Here's how we help:

15-minute full body workouts, new every day. All online, on-demand.

We know that you may struggle with showing up for exercise consistently, because you’re human and not a robot. Us too.

  • Real time workouts

  • Imperfect habits that stick

  • Easy to digest anatomy lessons Relatable trainers

Clinical-level solutions for pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and beyond.

Some of the things we tackle:

Pelvic floor issues | Deep ab dysfunction | Pregnancy | Diastasis recti | Incontinence | Prolapse | Dead Butt | Postpartum recovery | Hormones and aging  | Back pain | Sciatica | Plantar fasciitis | TMJ | Joint pain (knees, ankles, shoulders, hips, etc) | Breathing, and … the list goes on

We help solve your pain. Quickly.

We offer functional strength training AND rehabilitation.

  1. Unravel the root cause of your pain patterns

  2. Find effective and sustainable resolutions

  3. Blend those resolutions into workouts that also challenge you

  4. Help you get back to the mess of your day

You are the authority of your body, we are your guides.

Our programs meet you where you are right now.

  • Low impact modifications offered in every workout

  • Safe ways to create more challenge when needed or wanted

  • Fitness on your terms, not ours

We are activists.

We reject the harmful messages, exclusionary practices, and systemic discrimination perpetuated by diet culture and the fitness/wellness industry.

We are lifelong learners, committed to healing and justice for all bodies.

Want to know more? 

What happens when I sign up?

You get immediate access to all of our content. We wish we could send you Richard Simmons sparkle shorts too. Alas.

Along with immediate access, you’ll receive a “Get Started” email with your login information and other details. And if emails are overwhelming, don’t worry! Your first stop is our “Welcome” intro video first, which explains everything you need to know. From there, your daily workouts will live in a section that is specifically designated for the phase of motherhood you are currently in. This is all based on timeframe, so you really don’t have to do anything but a teensy bit of math.

Our goal is that you can get moving right away and that we do as much FOR you as possible. You have enough decisions to make in a day 🙂

OH, and you’ll be able to access your workouts in your account on our website and also in both mobile and smart TV apps. All the options and all the accessibility.

You can learn more about our programming at the page How It Works, under the bullet “Don’t Freak Out”.

What if I struggle with actually starting?

We’ve been doing this for a long time and we know that the hardest part of exercise is actually showing up, especially at home. Guess what? MOST humans struggle with this. You are not alone. We have a unique method of motivation that uses underwhelming, realistic goals, alongside a ton of grace, humor, and validation.

And, not to brag, but we know it works. Our founder, Courtney, created this program because she is a self-proclaimed flake and needed a way to show up for herself that was sustainable but life changing. And, 10 years later, she’s still filming. 

You can read more about our take on motivation at the page How It Works, under the bullet “Showing Up, imperfectly”.

But can you really help with my pain and weird body stuff?

We’ve worked hard to create a method of strength training that helps you build strength AND provides education about why pain is happening, and how it can be managed and treated.

We see the human body as an engineering feat just like any other structure in the world. When you’re in pain, this generally means that something in the system of your structure is either not working hard enough…or working too hard. We teach the body how to re-balance these systems, and return to functional movement. And, in the end, you feel more agile, resilient, and able to respond to pain skillfully, rather than react with fear.

But is 15 minutes a day actually enough?

Yes it is! Over the last ten years we’ve discovered that for most busy parents, 15 minutes a day(ish) of functional exercise is vastly more effective (and possible) than relying on that occasional group class, or the gym, or longer at-home sessions. It is much like how brushing your teeth is to dental hygiene. When you show up every day(ish) for a manageable amount of exercise, you are engaging in “strength hygiene”.

Do you also want or need bigger exercise adventures? NO PROBLEM. We are here to be the foundation for all the things you want to do. The bonus here is that when you are not depending on those bigger things for your movement, they get to become more about how you express yourself or find fulfillment. And when you’ve been showing up for small blips of exercise on a daily(ish) basis, you start to build sustainable, dependable strength that applies to all aspects of life.

You’ll be surprised at the power of consistency versus … well … Rambo type of intensity.

What if I am not a "momma" or don't identify as one?

We are here for you.

Our method and workouts are made for all folks who parent, and all folks who birth.

Long story short: This company started in 2012, when “mommy” blogging was a big deal. And let’s all pause for a groan in regards to how infantilizing the label of “mommy blogging” is.

Anyways, during that spike in —ahem— authentic reporting and conversations about the role and experience of parenthood, many folks discovered that they had been neglected mentally and physically, and that much of that neglect was invisible.

So, in 2012, it was a rebellious act to create a fitness company that was willing to expose and talk about what really happens after birth, and the oppressive pressure to “bounce back” (whatever that means) after having kids.

With all that said, the name MommaStrong does not represent all that we are, or everyone we serve. We have plans for addressing the name in the near future.

If you are here because you need what we offer but the name does not describe who you are, please know that you belong. And if you choose to hold off until we can make good on our promises of more inclusion, we understand. We are committed to your safety and belonging no matter what.

I am pregnant or I just gave birth, is this safe for me?

Yes! If you are pregnant, we have an entire stream of 15-minute workouts for every single day of your pregnancy. We also have specialized content for stretching during pregnancy, engaging your pelvic floor and deep abs safely, and even preparing for birth and postpartum. OH, and best yet: We have a series of 5-minute workouts for those days that you just cannot.

And, YES! If you just gave birth, we are big believers that you can start safe recovery directly afterwards. Obviously, this means that we agree with your health care team that you should not be tossing tires up hills and stuff, however there are things you can do that are safe and – we think – essential. We offer two programs for the postpartum period, one is for directly after birth, in which you get a new 5 minute workout each day for the first 8 weeks postpartum. And, yes- we offer a specialized track for c-section or complicated birth too.

Once out of pregnancy and “just have birth”, we offer a stream of 15-minute workouts that cover you all the way from 2 months through 1 year postpartum. These focus on all your body's needs as you continue to adjust to your new (unpredictable) normal.

Is this ok for diastasis recti, hernias, prolapse, and incontinence?

YEP! In fact, this company exists because of our own frustration with the lack of quality education and at-home treatment for these common medical conditions that occur during pregnancy, birth, or just from being human.

We have specific programs to address all of the issues mentioned above and also provide you with the education you deserve to understand what is happening to your body. Once you have completed our specialized education, you can rest assured that ALL of our content is safe for these conditions. This means that we consider your healing to be a continuous process with us.

And, hey, you are not broken (we know you might feel like you are).

I want a challenge, is this just rehabilitative?

We cover all the bases here. Our founder was an elite athlete and professional ballet dancer prior to becoming a corrective exercise specialist, so we make sure to meet you where you are with both low impact and high impact options. One of our favorite mantras is “on your terms”, which means that you get to dial your workouts up or down on a day-to-day basis. We also reject the idea “more is always better.” The right choice for you is what your body needs today.

We also know that exercise is an incredible tool for mental health, providing that beloved endorphin boost and helping us respond (rather than react) to life’s stressors. We consider this a top priority when designing our daily workouts and make sure you can meet those needs while also listening to your body.

Do you have a community?

We do! We have a thriving online community where you can get direct access to our team of experts.

But beyond that, you get to talk to people who are in this mess of life with you. TMI always welcome. And, we have subgroups for all sorts of different identities, interests, and curiosities.

And HUGE BONUS: Our Community is OFF of social media, which means we avoid the frustrating hullabaloo that give online communities a bad name.

Do you have a free trial?

We want to give you plenty of time to explore all the things we are, and to build trust that we can hold and support all the things that you are.

So instead of a short blip of a free trial, we offer a special rate of $5/month for your first 90 days. It’s a low-pressure commitment that still gives your brain that “skin in the game” motivation, with a 90-day cushion to explore and get proof that our version of fitness equals “always glad I did it even if I didn’t want to do it”.

And, don’t worry— along the way we provide help with motivation and awesome biomechanics education in service of you and of what is possible here.

Ready to join us? 

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