Our Programs

At MommaStrong we know that you have ever changing needs. That is why we have unique programs to address specifically where you are in your adventure of motherhood. All programs are included with your MommaStrong membership.


This is a comprehensive program that meets you where you are in your pregnancy. Whether you have that elusive “glow” and mojo or more of the norm—beached whale status with cankles, we have your back (and your belly). MommaStrong will help you make sure you become the strong Momma you are more than capable of being.

Hazy Days

This program focuses on what happens right after birth from 0–2 months postpartum. You are probably a little confused about what you should be doing during this time. Our main focus is how to counteract the daily dysfunctional movement patterns in those early weeks. How can we help postpartum mommas heal fully when most of their day AND night is spent bent forward and hunched over? We are basically training like extreme athletes in the worst movement patterns ever! Then add in hormones, sleep deprivation and a busy modern life without enough support. AND THEN add the palpable pressure to be cute, sexy or fit within months of expelling a tiny human from your body. Ahem, Whew. Mommas need specialized programs for the first 8 weeks. The Hazy Days program is just the ticket.

New Momma

This program focuses on beginning to build strength after 8 weeks postpartum. You are probably a little confused (and a lot sleep deprived) about what you should be doing during this time. But don’t worry. MommaStrong will help you work through any areas that need your attention.


This is the standard program for all the Mommas. It is for those mommas who are just beginning again or for those mommas who have been successfully working out but are struggling with an injury or even the mommas who just can’t find the right program to stick with. This is your stop.

Fix Mes

We believe that you can’t get strong if you are in pain. We also believe that you deserve to be the authority over your own body. Our Fix Me program offers tutorials and courses for all the many different ways your body says, “Help me.”


While our programs are invaluable, we must confess that our community is the heart of everything. Now in an off-Facebook platform, we gather virtually to tackle wins, losses, pain, healing, and everything in between. And, BONUS, this is where you can ask direct questions to our Physical Therapy Advisor.